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EU countries with compulsory VAT registration

With regard to the European law, the taxation of cross-border services in passenger transportation is regulated by the EU directive 2006/112/EG for the common VAT system. The European VAT directive has not been implemented uniformely in all the European countries.

A VAT registration is necessary in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain (and under certain conditions Switzerland and France).

So that you can perform a trouble-free tour, contact us to receive detailed information about your possible VAT obligations. For the required nations, we will take care of the VAT registration of your company at the responsible tax authorities. After successful registration of your company, we will remind you of your tax deadlines and file your VAT returns in each country with an active VAT ID number.

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Are you driving through a country where registration is not required? In some countries there is the possibility of input tax refund.

tax refund

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